Why should I join Theta Tau at USC?

The Zeta Delta Chapter of Theta Tau provides a healthy balance of community service, professional development, and brotherhood/social activities for our members. It is the diversity of activities which creates a balanced program and more meaningful undergraduate experience. Theta Tau is the oldest and largest engineering fraternity, but this is not important in itself–the members are. A member’s professional and personal development is the benefit of membership. Life after college is important, and membership in Theta Tau is for life. This said, once you have completed your student years at the University of South Carolina, you will have formed lifelong friendships and will continue to receive value as an alumnus.

I have a few more questions…

What are the requirements to join Theta Tau?

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age at time of induction (after pledge period). The initiation following fall rush is in January. The initiation that follows winter rush is in April.
  2. Must be enrolled in the College of Engineering and Computing, and have a grade point average at or above required for graduation.
  3. Must NOT be within 6 months of graduation.
  4. Must not be a member of a competitive fraternity or sorority. (At the University of South Carolina, we have none, but they are: Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Alpha Rho Chi, Alpha Sigma Kappa, Kappa Eta Kappa,Phi Sigma Rho, Sigma Beta Epsilon, Scarab, Sigma Phi Delta, Sigma Rho, and Triangle).

How can I rush Theta Tau?

As long as you are in compliance with all of the aforementioned requirements, it couldn’t be easier. Make sure and show up to as many of the rushing events that are listed on the calendar as possible and just be yourself. The purpose of rush events is to help you get acquainted with the brothers in Theta Tau. The more social events you can attend, the better you will be able to judge if Theta Tau is right for you. All rush events are completely free.

What is the difference between rushing and pledging Theta Tau?

Rushing Theta Tau is very simple, as stated above. After rushing is over, the Theta Tau brothers will extend bids to the appropriate rushees. A person can either accept or decline this invitation. Those who decline will always be allowed to participate in the following rush seasons. The pledging process is a probationary period where the pledge learns first-hand the obligations and benefits of brotherhood, and the Chapter can take a longer look at the pledge to make sure that the pledge has those qualities it looks for in its members. Those pledges who are still interested after the pledge period can be invited to join. After accepting this invitation, eligible pledges will be initiated as Brothers of Theta Tau. Theta Tau has a no-hazing policy and does not force its pledges to do anything against their will or that causes them physical or emotional harm.

What is the time commitment for rushing, pledging, or being a brother of Theta Tau?

Rush consists of attending as many rush events listed above as possible. As a pledge, you will have a list of requirements to meet before becoming a brother at the end of the semester. When you become a brother, you get as much out of the fraternity as you put into it. Pledges and brothers are both expected to maintain an active role in the fraternity. This can include attending weekly chapter meetings, weekend retreats, and other social or professional events. Most pledges and brothers are also concurrently actively involved in other organizations and still find time to maintain active involvement in Theta Tau.

How many rush events am I required to attend in order to receive a bid?

The minimum requirement for rush attendance is two events, but you are highly recommended to attend as many events as possible. With the exception of the multiple information sessions, each rush event is very different and will provide rushees another opportunity to get to know the brothers better and vice versa. If you are unable to attend a rush event but are still interested in being considered for a bid, simply send an e-mail to Zeta Delta at mailbox@engineeringfraternity.com.

Can women join Theta Tau?

Yes! Theta Tau is a co-educational fraternity. It is open to any student who meets our four criteria, regardless of gender.

How do I contact Theta Tau?

For any information about rushing, contact our Recruitment Chairman by e-mail at recruitment-chair@engineeringfraternity.com. Or you can e-mail the Recruitment Committee at recruitment@engineeringfraternity.com.

What committees may I join?



The Brotherhood Committee deals with internal social functions for the fraternity. Some examples are semi-formal, and girl’s night.


The Fundraising Committee deals with fundraising events to bring additional funds to the fraternity. An example is bake sales.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee deals with attracting possible employers and making each brother as marketable as possible. Some events are resume workshops, and BBQ dinner for employers.


The Philanthropy Committee deals with our philanthropy events. Some events are Pumpkin Chunkin’, and the Veeblefetzer Competition.


The Recruitment Committee deals with Rush.

Public Relation

The Public Relation Committee deals with marketing our chapter to the USC campus through social media, advertisements and designing apparel.


The Service Committee deals with our community service commitment. Some service opportunities are feed the homeless, and arboretum cleanup.


The Social Committee deals with external social events. Some examples are camping, and tailgates.


The Technology Committee deals with the fraternities technological needs. These include the website and social networking.