Why is Professional Development important?

The “Professionalism in the Workplace Study” found that:

  • HR executives/managers believe that professionalism relates to the person, not the job title. (96%)
  • HR executives/managers believe that college and universities should develop professionalism in students regardless of their field of study. (92%)
  • HR executives/mangers believe that the sense of entitlement has increased among employees. (51%)
  • HR executives/mangers reported that a job applicant’s professionalism affects the likeliness of being hired. (96%)

The survey also found that the most essential qualities of professionalism are:

  • Interpersonal skills (33.6%)
  • Appearance (25.3%)
  • Communication skills (24.9%)
  • Time management (20.8%)
  • Confidence (20.7%)
  • Ethical (15.2%)
  • Work ethic (14.2%)
  • Knowledgeable (9.3%)

How can Theta Tau help?

Theta Tau hosts a renowned Leadership Academy every summer. During National and Regional sessions, Theta Tau also provides leadership sessions for fraternal positions that relate to real world positions. In addition, Zeta Delta regularly works with the University of South Carolina’s Career Center to provide fraternal professional development that one may not be able to receive alone. We also host in-house professional development sessions to improve addition skills that, such as creating your own website to brand yourself.